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Our Proposal

We developed a complex of services for the specific goals of the Wi-Fi venue owners: from users authentication to the analytics of their behavior in real time. These are off-the-shelf business solutions that will help you to generate revenue without wasting time for elaboration of the software. Focus on sales and increase of your brand awareness.



At the moment, ready-made products are available: flyLogin, flyAir, flyMenu and flyAds. You may use them in complex or separately.


Cloud Management

Get an access to our cloud dashboard and manage all the services through that platform.


Analytics & Insights

Control the effectiveness of services operation with the help of statistical graphs and tables.

Our Products





Extra perks for your clients

Compliance with the law

flyLogin identifies each Wi-Fi user via a phone number, so no fines for illegal Internet access the client will face.

Target audience insights

flyMenu & flyLogin are the powerful marketing tools for exploring preferences of the clients, controlling their attendance. All data is generated in interactive graphs and charts.

Update of the clients base

flyLogin automatically collects mobile numbers of the guests. Use this information: individual exclusive offers will raise an average bill value of the venue.

Gain new customers

Publishing a relevant content in flyMenu & flyAds and notifying the guests about “hot” deals, online discounts increase the clients’ inflow in the venue.

Who Is This Solution For?

Our services are in demand for any owner of the Wi-Fi venue: restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping stores, fitness clubs, medical centers, auto sales centers. We use individual approach for every client.

Cooperation scheme

You are send a request

We negotiate and sign an agreement

You get all the required data and sources for using the system of services

We provide a technical support for you.

The result:

You sell the services for your clients gaining > 50% of the sale proceed.

Why we are perfect partners to work with

You do not need to be an IT expert

We suggest the software on tap. The installation process will take no more than a week: it’s the time, while we make an integration with your systems

We response quickly

We totally implement the technical support. You may contact us via any means and we will help you without delay

We are able to explain

And do it very well. You do not need to concentrate on comprehensive redundant terminology. Any technical nuances we will split into simply, clear words

Constantly improve the services

We consider the feedback from our clients and make several qualitative updates of the services every week

Guarantee the continuous work

We produce high-loaded systems since 2009. The platforms cope with more than 1 mln users per day

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