Interactive app
without installation

What is flyMenu?

flyMenu is a service that combines Ad channel, personal assistant, menu and a tool of communications with your clients directly in the places with Wi-Fi.

No installation required

flyMenu is always in the user’s browser as it’s an overlay app over HTTP – no download to the device is needed.

Simple app designer

Online app builder will help you to create a unique branded flyMenu within 30 minutes.

Familiar interface

flyMenu looks like a mobile application. A guest doesn’t have to get used (adapt) to the new format.


The service supports all types of the devices, OS and browsers: no client will miss your flyMenu.

The least costs

Neither investments nor special software installation are required. You will not spend time for a technical support: we take the charge of it.

flyMenu vs Mobile app

flyMenu is a full substitute of mobile app. You get a service with the similar functions and interface, handy content management system and the least costs.

How it works

Your actions The client’s actions

Create your own flyMenu. Lunch upon the Wi-Fi network

Notices flyMenu after Wi-Fi connection.

Monitor the users’ activity statistics through your personal assistant.

Explores the menu and finds userful options.

Change the content quickly according to the client’s behavior.

Gets relevant offers – conduct target actions.

The result:

A client satisfied with the offers and willing to pay for them.

How the service looks like

Logo in a browser

Logo in a browser

The interactive brand logo is active over any HTTP web-page during Wi-Fi session. It maintains a permanent two-channel dialog with a user. Click to the button opens the interactive menu.

The most user-friendly format

A guest has an access to the content he is interested in and flyMenu is always on hand.

All menu categories

What is inside

All menu categories you may set & customize accordingly the goals. In this example you see embedded user’s account, special offers and company news, information about the shops and cafes, links to the social nets.

Change the options

Edit colors, fonts, icons, animation

Share the important links

Tell about temporary offers

Announce the urgent news

Advise the taxi phone number

Opening the menu’s item

Click on the item implies 2 scenarios: redirection to the preset link or opening the options of chosen category as provided in example. It is super convenient because the client can manage his loyalty program without transition to external web-sites.

Opening the menu

How to close flyMenu

There is a default option “settings” in the menu which contains two ways of closing the app: either on the current page or for chosen time period.

Who is flyMenu for?

We are just IT-professionals, not marketers. Surely, you find the best applying of our services, but we will give you a few tips how flyMenu may serve exactly for your business

Restaurants & cafes

Restaurants & cafes

Embed the loyalty program in flyMenu, announce upcoming events, conduct public polls, place job vacancies. flyMenu will boost the sales if you notify the clients about “hot” offers.

Fitness clubs

Fitness clubs

Your clients may make an appointment for a massage, look through discounts for club cards or group classes timetable. Promote individual trainings: let the client choose the trainer by himself.

Hotels & hostels

Hotels & hostels

Tell the guests about hotel services via flyMenu: upcoming events, taxi and excursion order, spa. Make a FAQ for tourists: transport stops, nearest city-sights, shops and restaurants.

Medical centers

Medical centers

While waiting in a line, the clients can look through a list of physicians, explore services provided by the center and the prices. They can also make an appointment online.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls

What may help guests to orientate themselves in a store? The list of the most visited shops and their offers. The plan of the building with the location of cloakrooms, nursery room and a food court. Price for parking and the number of free slots as well.



Arrangement of special offers & discounts will help customers to make a right choice. Promote partners services via flyMenu: purchase delivery, taxi order, tailoring shop etc at your option.

Would you like to test the service for free?

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