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for public
Wi-Fi hotspots

Who is flyLogin for?

The owners of public Wi-Fi venues

The owners of public Wi-Fi venues

The service is a must-have for any company which shares free Wi-Fi. We suggest you not only to follow the law, but also to boost the sales and increase loyal clients. flyLogin turns your Wi-Fi into the powerful marketing tool.

Cellular Operators

Cellular Operators & System Integrators

Provide your clients with easy-to-manage and quick-to-install service of Wi-Fi authentication. No costs for development. They do not need additional servers and self technical support. All these goals we take upon ourselves.

Why is authentication important?

Authentication on public Wi-Fi networks became obligatory since the 1st of January 2016. Hence all mobile operators and the owners of Wi-Fi zones are ought to identify their users.

Service Content


Identification via SMS, 0-800 call, virtual coupons or the option of Wi-Fi connection without identification


Data acquisition of the users: phone, MAC, Wi-Fi zone, time, IP address, traffic


Data review & analytics according to Wi-Fi zones, time periods, mobile operators, types of a device

Splash page editor

Create your unique brand Welcome page online

Data export

Save the statistics for any period in your device


Ban suspicious users to deny the Wi-Fi access to them

Employees module

Audit the working time of the personnel


Transfer user to any website including social networks to generate more leads and raise brand awareness


Connect your own aggregator or use ours

Supported equipment


Personal account and statistic

Why we are perfect partners to work with

You do not need to be an IT expert

We suggest the software on tap. The installation process will take no more than a week: it’s the time, while we make an integration with your systems.

We response quickly

We totally implement the technical support. You may contact us via any means and we will help you without delay.

We are able to explain

And do it very well. You do not need to concentrate on comprehensive redundant terminology. Any technical nuances we will split into simply, clear words.

Constantly improve the services

We consider the feedback from our clients and make several qualitative updates of the services every week.

Guarantee the continuous work

We produce high-loaded systems since 2009. The platforms cope with more than 1 mln users per day.

Would you like to test the service for free?

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