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System for analyzing the behavior of HoReCa visitors and the trading zone in off-line mode.

What you get with flyAir

Overall zone’s statistics

The number of mobile devices visitors in one place during the day. Dynamics of attendance. The number of visitors by hours, working days and weekends.

Retargeting advertising

Upload the data to Google and launch the ad campaigns to your audience.

Guests’ loyalty

Number of returned clients, rate of loyalty coefficient increase.

Advertisement effectiveness

Number of guests interested in the promotional poster in the shop.

What’s the main flyAir feature?

The service operates on the same equipment that “distributes” free Wi-Fi, no additional equipment is required. A guest does not have to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The flyAir system recognizes it when the Wi-Fi module in the phone is turned on and transfers the MAC address of the device to the service server.

How it looks like

What is more?

Impersonal data acquisition and their extended improvement.

For creating a detailed client’s profile and further targeted communications.

Personal data (mobile phone number) acquisition for INDOOR communications.

Through Wi-Fi authentication and promotional mechanisms.

How it works


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You do not need to be an IT expert

We suggest the software on tap. The installation process will take no more than a week: it’s the time, while we make an integration with your systems

We response quickly

We totally implement the technical support. You may contact us via any means and we will help you without delay

We are able to explain

And do it very well. You do not need to concentrate on comprehensive redundant terminology. Any technical nuances we will split into simply, clear words

Constantly improve the services

We consider the feedback from our clients and make several qualitative updates of the services every week

Guarantee the continuous work

We produce high-loaded systems since 2009. The platforms cope with more than 1 mln users per day

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