Advertisement channel with 100% users coverage.

Features of flyAds


More than 10 advertisement formats

100% coverage of the target audience

The service implies not only Pre-Authentication Ads but also In-Sessions Technology integrated natively in the system. No user will miss your Ad.

Scheduled advertisements

You may plan the days and time of Ads demonstration: announce hot deals for limited hours.

Real time Ad views monitoring

Follow the statistics of an ad campaign while it is conducted.


Targeting for the precise contact with TA


Delivering advertisement based on user’s geographical location.

Device targeting

Ad messages pop-up on specific types of devices: smartphones, tablets or laptops.

Operational System targeting

Android, iOS.

Managing Advertising Campaigns

flyAds formats

FullScreen +

Absolute visual contact with user: banner fills 100% of the screen of device

wf_Ads_full1-1 wf_Ads_full2-1 wf_Ads_full3-1 wf_Ads_full4-1


Banner pops up when following the link but not while scrolling the current page

wf_Ads_full1 wf_Ads_full2 wf_Ads_full3 wf_Ads_full4


Laconically fits in the website structure not overlapping it

wf_Ads_rightsider wf_Ads_rightsider2


The width of an Ad banner automatically adapts to the width of any devic

wf_Ads_bottom wf_Ads_bottom2

FullScreen Video

Prolonged contact with TA: accordingly with statistics user watches approximately 65% of a video. Hence the CTR increases up for 5% compared with the static banners (according to Business Insider Intelligence)

wf_Ads_video_full1 wf_Ads_video_full2 wf_Ads_video_full4 video ads

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